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Mistakes to Avoid When Paying Bills

It’s important to have a good handle on your bills. Having a good system in place will help you avoid any problems. Here are some common and costly mistakes people make when paying bills.

Unnecessary Fees

There are certain things you might be charged extra for. One of the most common are late fees. Make sure you’re paying on time. If you can, set up an automatic payment schedule to avoid any extra charges. Some companies will even waive other fees if you choose to auto-pay. Avoiding a late fee and getting other fees waived with a simple setup. You can set up automatic payments with SeaComm right here!

Review Your Statements

Your bill comes in the mail, or the due date is approaching and you want to just pay it. Before you do, confirm everything is correct. Look over your statements and bills. See all of the charges and fees you’re about to pay. Maybe there is a mistake or fraudulent charge you need to dispute. These can add up, so review your bill each time before you pay.

Shop Around

You should never assume that the price you pay is the best. Whether it’s insurance or internet or a subscription service, it’s important to compare prices so you get the most for what you pay. If what you’re paying now is more expensive than another provider, switch and save some money. Maybe your current provider will match the better price, but if not, it’s time to say goodbye.

There Might Not be a Grace Period

Depending on the company, you might not have to pay on the “due date.” You might have a few days after to pay without getting a late fee. While not every company does this, make sure you know if you have a grace period on your due dates. You never want to assume and be forced to pay more than you already are.   


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