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5 Items to Reuse in 2023

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, but why throw something away when you can reuse it? Reduce your waste and save some money with these five items.

Plastic Containers

There are so many things that you buy that come in plastic containers. From butter and deli meats to fruit and vegetables. After you use what’s inside them, give them a wash and repurpose them. Use plastic containers for lunch or to store leftovers. There’s no need to buy more when you already have some on hand!


Your teeth aren’t the only things a toothbrush can clean. You can use an old toothbrush to clean electrical appliances, kitchen gadgets, or hard to reach places. If you have jewelry, use a toothbrush to gently remove any tarnish as well.

Gift Bags

We receive so many gift bags during the holidays. Take off the tags and you will have a perfectly good bag to use for next year. The tissue paper inside can be reused as well if handled carefully. If you have any large gift bags, you can use those for grocery shopping too!


People have their favorite shirts. They wear them over and over again until they get worn out. Instead of throwing old shirts away, use them as cleaning rags. They can be used to dust and clean around the house. If you enjoy arts and crafts keep your old shirts to wear so you don’t stain new ones.

Newspapers and Magazines

After you’ve finished reading your newspaper or favorite magazine keep them around. You can use them as packing material, giftwrap, or as book covers! One thing that newspapers or magazines are good for is absorbing odors. Crumple up the paper into balls and stick them in shoes or the refrigerator to help with any unwanted smells.

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