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Preparing for Winter with Fall Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a popular ritual for many households, but what about fall cleaning? It can be just as important with the colder months coming. Having a fall cleaning plan could help you save money and provide peace of mind by avoiding any potential issues in winter.

Vacuum, dust, and wipe down.

One of the most annoying and sometimes painful things you can avoid by a seasonal cleanup are allergies. When the leaves fall and the rain comes the allergens tend to spread and stick on whatever they hit. Take some steps to get rid of them. By doing a thorough round of vacuuming, dusting, and wiping of hard surfaces you can eliminate the issues inside your home.

Wardrobe change.

With the colder temperatures coming in it’s probably time to put away the shorts and swimwear. Taking a look in your closet space to organize your clothing is an important step. You can box up clothing you know you’re not going to wear and make room for your winter clothes. You can also go through and donate perfectly good clothing you know you won’t wear in the future.

Heating and ventilation systems should be checked.

Having a source of heat when those temperatures become frigid is a must. Having clean and reliable equipment is also an important step. Maybe your furnace filter needs to be changed or maybe the duct work has to be cleaned. If you use stoves or fireplaces the chimneys should be properly cleaned as well. Arrange for a professional inspect your heating system before winter – which will save you stress and eventually money. Feeling comfortable is nice, but being safe is necessary.

Check that your home is properly alarmed.

Since many heating systems burn fuel it is very important that you check your carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. You can’t smell it and you can’t see it. You won’t be aware of a CO problem unless you have a detector in good working order. While you’re at it, make sure to check your smoke detectors as well because you can never be too prepared.

Window and door insulation.

As long as the cold weather stays outside you shouldn’t have a problem. If your doors and windows aren’t insulated properly the temperature inside your house could be as low as outside. That will also cause your heating system to work overtime and cost you more in the long run.

Cleaning up and preparing for winter is important, but so is cleaning up your finances, and a consolidation loan could help. You can do that with SeaComm’s loan pre-approval program, LoanEngine™! If you qualify for a pre-approved offer, you will be presented with it through our SeaComm Mobile app or NetTeller in the “My Offers” tab, via email, and/or a letter through the mail. Click here to login to your NetTeller™ to view your current offers. If you don’t have any offers at this time, be sure to check back every 60 days.


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