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Thanksgiving Alternatives to Turkey

When it comes to Thanksgiving, turkey is king. It’s usually the centerpiece on the dinner table, but what if you don’t like turkey? Or, what if you want to try something else? Here are a few alternative options for a turkey-less Thanksgiving dinner.


Probably the most popular option would be a beautiful ham. It’s such a common main course for other holidays that ham would have no problem fitting in to your Thanksgiving dinner. Plus, ham can be a little sweeter which would balance well with all those great savory sides.


Instead of “gobble gobble” how about a little “quack quack” because duck is a delicious alternative to turkey. This bird takes less time to cook than its traditional counterpart, and some people say it has way more flavor. This would be a neat surprise for your Thanksgiving table!

Shepherd’s Pie

Mashed potatoes and vegetables are a big part of Thanksgiving, so why not put them all together for a great main dish. This filling and flavorful option takes some of the best sides and puts them right on top of either ground lamb, or beef. A shepherd’s pie can really make your friends and family thankful they stopped by for dinner.

Sides, Sides, and more Sides!

Who says you need a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner at all? Many say that the sides are better than the main dish anyway, so how about a table full of those delicious staples. Serve your best stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauce, and don’t forget the green bean casserole. You can even get creative with the dishes, have fun!

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