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Autumn Home Maintenance Checklist

The leaves are falling off the trees and winter is right around the corner. Here are four home maintenance tasks to take care of this season!

Clean the gutters. During the late summer and into fall, fallen leaves can weigh your gutters down, pulling them away from the house and potentially damaging the siding. Clogged gutters can also lead to ice dams in the winter, so it is important to take some time this season and clean your gutters of debris. 

Check walkways and railings for winter safety. When the landscape is covered in ice and snow, just walking from the driveway to the front door can be quite a challenge. This fall, make your home safer by checking that all stairs are in good shape and have sturdy railings.  

Seal air leaks around doors and windows. Autumn is the perfect time to begin preparing your home for the colder months ahead. Before the holiday season takes over, learn how to seal air leaks around your home. Click here for simple instructions!

Stock up on winter supplies. Before winter is here, you will want to pick up a bag of pet-safe ice melt for your driveway and front steps. If you don’t already have a lightweight aluminum shovel and/or snow blower, autumn is the ideal time to purchase one. 

Does your home need some work done to it before the snow begins to fall? You should consider a personal loan with SeaComm! As a SeaComm member, you might already be pre-approved through LoanEngine™ – our loan pre-approval program that allows you to view and accept loan offers without having to come into a branch or fill out an application. If you qualify for a pre-approved offer, you’ll be presented with it through our SeaComm Mobile app or NetTeller™ in the “My Offers” tab, via email, and/or a letter through the mail.

You have the ability to accept offers immediately by following the prompts, or by calling into our call center at (800) 764-0566. Click here to login to your NetTeller™ to view your current offers. If you don’t have any offers at this time, be sure to check back every 60 days.


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