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4 Tips for Getting the Best Hotel Deal

You don’t have to overpay for a hotel room. Here are four tips for securing the best hotel deal or upgrade so you can enjoy your trip guilt-free.

Call the hotel directly. Instead of calling the 800 reservation numbers, you should contact the property directly, as they have a greater ability to give you the room of your choice.

Pick a different neighborhood. Staying in the center of the city typically costs more. You can save a great deal of money by staying away from the city center and its attractions, but near public transportation for easy downtown access.

Check in near the end of the day. If you are hoping to receive an upgrade, checking in toward the end of the day might be your answer. While it’s tempting to check-in as early as possible to get the room that you paid for, waiting until after 6pm can help you get a free upgrade. By that time, the hotel staff will have a better idea of which rooms are available.

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