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5 Ways to Be a Great Coworker

Every employee wants to be that coworker the entire team enjoys having around. Whether you are in the same workplace for a while or you are just starting out, here are five ways to be a better coworker.

Communicate in person

Yes, it’s old-fashioned, and yes, there are so many other ways to communicate, but nothing beats a face-to-face conversation. Whenever the opportunity presents itself, talk to your coworkers in person. In an NPR TED Radio Hour, psychologist Susan Pinker said that face-to-face interactions can trigger the release of oxytocin in the body, which can positively impact your mood and help promote trust and collaboration. 

Pay it forward

Kindness has a place in the workforce, too. Whenever you can, do a favor for a coworker without expecting anything in return. You can offer to make another team member a coffee, to pick up lunch if you are running out anyway or even to help with their workload if you see they are overwhelmed. Kindness always generates warm feelings in both directions. 

Work hard

Make sure you always do your job well and meet all your expectations at work. You will be helping the entire team stay productive and avoid any resentment that coworkers may harbor toward a member of the team who doesn’t pull their weight. 

Share your resources

There is always something you can learn from everyone. One coworker could be really great at problem-solving, while another excels at being organized. In order for the team to succeed, it’s important to share your strengths and focus on collaboration.

Always be kind, never rude

Research shows that your attitude directly influences your coworkers. If you want positive interactions with your team, make pleasant conversation, avoid short replies, and maintain an optimistic attitude.

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