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Free Ways to Practice Self-Care

July 24 is International Self-Care Day. Here are five free ways to practice self-care!

Watch a show that makes you laugh. Have you ever finished watching a funny show and had such a good laugh that once you were done, you couldn’t remember what you were previously worried about? That’s because laughter is the best medicine!

Put your phone on “do not disturb.” If only for an hour, spending time without internet or texts looming over your head is refreshing.

Call an old friend. It may be tricky to connect with people the way we used to, but staying in touch with friends is worth the effort. If you can’t connect face-to-face, try FaceTime or send a quick text to check in and let them know you are thinking of them.

Listen to a podcast. Give your mind a break and spend time listening to your favorite podcast while strolling through your neighborhood or a local hiking trail.

Be active. Physical activity is one of the best things you can do for yourself, especially when you are feeling down. Get outside for a quick run or walk, stretch or do yoga in your living room.

In the spirit of living well, consider improving your financial health with help from your credit union! SeaComm’s partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness can help you reach a brighter financial future. GreenPath provides SeaComm members with access to free one-on-one financial counseling, student loan counseling, debt management services and more. To learn more about how SeaComm’s partnership with GreenPath can help you, click here or call (877) 337-3399.


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