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Tips for Succeeding at a New Job

Whether it’s a new position in your current workplace or a new place of employment, this is a very exciting time, but also a little challenging. Here is what you need to know when starting a new job.

How do I start off at my job?

Starting off on the right foot can help ease the transition and put you on the fast track to success at your new job. You will never have a second chance at that first impression, so be sure to ace that first day on the job. Prepare everything you will need the night before, leave extra time for unexpected delays and try to arrive a few minutes early. Be ready to introduce yourself to your new colleagues — now is not the time to be shy. Practice a short intro ahead of time to make it easier and more natural.

Next, pay close attention to your surroundings during your first week at work. Try to pick up on all the small nuances that can clue you in to the company culture, the work atmosphere and to help you get to know your coworkers better. You should also familiarize yourself with company rules and policies as soon as possible. Your manager probably shared most of these with you, but there are some rules you may not know about unless you ask.

How can I succeed professionally at my new job?

When you begin working in a new place, you will need to learn all the ins and outs of your job. Learn all the details of your job responsibilities. Being unclear about what is expected of you can waste valuable work time and lead to miscommunication.

It is important to ask questions at your new job. Research shows that new employees perform better when they ask more questions. In addition to bringing you up to speed, asking questions will show your co-workers that you are ready and willing to learn.

What should I focus on during my first month on the job? 

Once you have passed the first week in your new workplace, you will likely be more comfortable at your job and know what is expected of you. During the first month at your new job, concentrate on setting up good work habits. Take some time to identify your primary distractions and negative work habits and then focus on getting rid of them to keep your productivity at peak levels.

Continue to ask questions whenever necessary. There is no shame in needing help, even when you have been at the job for a few weeks or months. It is also a good idea to make it a practice of thanking your colleagues for any way they assist you in learning the ropes of your new position.

What steps should I take after my first few months on the job?

Once you have settled into the job, it is a good idea to take a step back to review your performance. Have you achieved your goals? Have you established a name for yourself in the company?  Some companies will set up a formal 90-day review for all new employees. If not, consider asking your direct supervisor for a quick meeting to discuss your progress.

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