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The Benefits of Using Your Credit Card at the Pump

Using a credit card to pay for fuel can have unique advantages over other payment methods. Here are a few reasons you may want to use your SeaComm Visa® at the pump. 

Paying with plastic makes it easy to track your spending: Cash leaves no paper trail. Once you have spent it, you have no way of knowing where that money went unless you actively record the expense at the time of the purchase. When you pay with plastic, though, there is always a record of the transaction. You can review your spending habits, or calculate how much you are spending in one budget category (transportation) to help you stay on top of your finances as best as possible. Just check out your credit card statement at the end of the month or billing period to see how much you have spent on fuel costs. 

Fraud and theft protection:  When it comes to protecting your funds from fraud, credit cards are the number-one choice of payment methods. Unlike payments made in cash, a credit card purchase can always be disputed if found to be faulty. With your SeaComm Visa®, you also have access to Free Travel Accident Insurance Coverage, emergency card replacement, and optional insurance for auto rental damages.

Earn rewards for every gallon: With your SeaComm Visa® in hand, you will earn one point for every dollar you spend! The ScoreCard Rewards Program allows you to use your points toward airline and travel services, cash back, or quality merchandise.

ScoreCard® Rewards now offers Premium Payback, which allows you to redeem your points right at the point of sale, virtually anywhere. Just make a qualifying purchase at a participating location and you will promptly receive a text message or email asking if you want to redeem your points to cover your purchase. If you choose to accept the offer, you will receive a statement credit to your account for the transaction amount. Click here to learn more!


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