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Celebrating Memorial Day on a Budget

Memorial Day is always great fun, but it doesn’t need to cost a great deal of money. Use these seven tips to enjoy a memorable holiday weekend on a budget.

Hit the beach. Get out to the shore at the first opportunity! The beach can provide hours of relaxation and fun for the entire family at little or no cost, depending on your location.

Attend a local event. There is no need to travel far for a fun Memorial Day outing. Check out local online forums and newspapers to see what’s happening in your town. You will likely find a parade, concert or street fair that will give you some Memorial Day fun at no cost. As a bonus, local activities that do charge an entrance fee will often donate all proceeds to charity, so you will be paying it forward all day long.

Host a potluck. If you will be hosting this Memorial Day, make it a potluck party. Ask each guest to bring one dish for a complete dinner that won’t cost anyone a lot of money. As a bonus, the menu is a more fun when it is varied and prepared by different cooks.

Go easy on the décor. No need to spend a ton of money on making your Memorial Day celebration look festive. Spruce up the place with some red, white and blue balloons from the dollar store, find some patriotic banners like these and deck the tables with inexpensive and on-theme tablecloths, too.

Visit historical sites. What better way to spend Memorial Day than checking out historical attractions? Plenty of historical sites host free events in honor of the three-day holiday. These events are a great way to honor the courageous men and women who have served and lost their lives for our country.

Participate in a race. Joining a race can be an enjoyable and healthy way to spend your Memorial Day. Participating in a race can cost you as little as $25. As a bonus, most Memorial Day races donate all proceeds to organizations that help soldiers pay for expenses that are not covered under military benefits.

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