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What to Buy and What to Skip in June

Though there are no major shopping holidays in June, you can still find fantastic deals on all kinds of products. There are some purchases you should skip this month, though, and we know what they are. Here is what to buy and what to skip in June:

Skip: Grills

Grills are in high demand during the month of June, so they are retailing at full-price. If you are looking to upgrade your grill, wait until July or August for a better deal. As with most timely products, the longer into the season you wait, the more you will save.  

Buy: Dinner for Dad

It’s Dad’s time! Restaurants know you will be taking him out to eat, and they offer great deals on meals to lure prospective diners inside. Some of these discounts might only be available through gift card purchases, so be sure to check it out in advance. 

Skip: Patio furniture

You might be spending hours of each day outside in June, but that doesn’t make it an ideal time to furnish your patio in style. Outdoor furniture retails at full-price during the month of June, and won’t start to see discounts until deep into the season, in another month or two.

Buy: Workout wear and gear

In June, consumers are trying to get in shape – and retailers want in on the action. Check out your favorite brands for steep discounts on workout wear and gear throughout the month.

Skip: Brand-name clothing

Don’t go all out on designer clothing in June, unless you love paying full price. By late summer, you can save hundreds of dollars on brand-name clothing and shoes from most major department stores. Put the designer wardrobe on hold, and save a bundle.

Buy: Tools and paint

The best deals on tools and paint won’t hit stores until November, but you can still pick up a sweet bargain on these home-improvement essentials in June. Discounts are generally offered around Father’s Day. Look for sales on these items at major home improvement stores, like Lowe’s and Home Depot, to stock up on all you need for your DIY summer project. 

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