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Six Ways to Save on Travel Costs

Without careful planning, a road trip can get expensive, especially with soaring gas prices and the rising costs of food. For this reason, we’ve put together six solid tips for a budget-friendly road trip!

Stock up on staples while at home. Food can easily turn into the most expensive part of your trip unless you plan ahead. Shop your local stores for basics before setting out on your trip. Once you are on the road, you won’t have as many choices for food shopping, which may stimulate overspending. 

Camp out instead of sleeping in hotels. Sleeping under the stars whenever possible will add another layer to your trip. Check out, where you can book accommodations at 3,600 facilities and 103,000 individual sites across the country. Most camping spots will run just $20 a night.

Plan your route in advance. Instead of wasting money on gas, create a detailed schedule of all your stops before setting out, choosing the most efficient route. Look up local attractions in the areas you plan to visit, and book reservations in advance to help save money.

Check in on a Sunday. For those nights when you must have a hot shower and comfortable bed, you will likely be checking into a hotel. If you can swing it, check in on a Sunday. According to a study conducted by the travel app Kayak, hotel reservations are at their lowest rates on Sundays. 

Explore more and drive less. Hit the brakes and get out of the car! Spend some time covering miles on foot by hiking through local trails or even exploring city streets. You will enjoy an enriching experience and save on gas costs at the same time. 

Find free or inexpensive attractions. Most tourist hotspots will have a wide selection of free or inexpensive activities and sights to see. Once you upgrade your basic checking account to a Benefits Plus® checking with SeaComm, you will gain access to a variety of travel savings, including entertainment offers through TicketXpress, hotel and condo discounts, car rentals, flights, and much more. Click here for more information, or stop by your local SeaComm branch to enroll!

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