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How to Save on Pet Expenses

Our furry friends can cost thousands annually, unless you are a savvy pet owner who knows how to save money. Here are four tips to help you spend less on pet expenses!

Shop around for better pet food. So many pet owners overpay for pet food. Instead, take the time to look for coupons and shop around for less expensive options. You could save hundreds in just several months!

Buy in bulk and store properly. If you buy other items in bulk, why not also get your pet items in bulk? Wholesale club stores such as BJ’s and Costco offer great deals on pet items, such as food and cat litter. When buying pet food in bulk, make sure to store it properly so that it does not spoil.

Join loyalty clubs. There is a good chance your favorite pet store rewards loyalty, and you might not even realize it. Whether you shop in person or online, do your research to make sure you take advantage of special sales and discounts.

Save on pet insurance. Did you know that your Benefits Plus® checking account with SeaComm gives you access to Nationwide Pet Health Insurance at a discounted rate? The coverage is available for accidents, illnesses, and preventive care at any veterinary office! Benefits Plus® also provides you with savings on wholesale club memberships, as well as discounted gift and eGift card at a variety of stores, including Petco, PetSmart, Walmart, Amazon, Target, and more. Visit your local SeaComm branch location to enroll, today.

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