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Four Ways to Freshen Up Your Finances

Spring is a great time of year to clear your house of accumulated junk and make it sparkle. Why not do the same for your finances? Here are four tips to help you get started.

Sweep out your budget

It’s time to shake out the dust in your budget! Review your monthly spending and find ways to cut back. Have you been overdoing the takeout food this year? Buying up more shoes than you can possibly wear? Pare down your budget until it’s looking neat and trim.

Deep clean your accounts 

If you have switched from one bank or credit union to another, you may have dormant accounts that are still open and may be charging you fees. Or, perhaps they are holding onto money you’ve forgotten you have! This spring, get rid of any accounts you don’t need any longer. A minimalist approach to your finances will make it easier to manage your accounts. It will also give your savings a greater chance at growth, and help you avoid fees for unused accounts.

Dust off your saving habits

Have you been remembering to pay yourself first? Get into the habit of maximizing your savings this spring with a concrete financial goal. You can also make savings an itemized line in your budget. This way, you will have funds set aside for this purpose, instead of savings only happening if there is money left over at the end of the month.

Make your investments sparkle

Whether you are an experienced investor or you are just getting started, it may be time for a spring cleaning of your investments. Check if your allocation strategy is still serving you well, whether you need to adjust your diversification and if your retirement accounts are on track for your estimated retirement timeline. Click here to learn about SeaComm’s Personal Financial Advisor Services or to schedule a consultation!


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