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3 Money-Saving Challenges to Try This Year

A new month begins in just a few days, which is the perfect opportunity to implement a new savings strategy. Try one of these challenges to help you along on the road to financial success!

No Dining Out Challenge. For 30 days, you aren’t allowed to spend money on take-out or restaurant purchases – including fast food. When you are ready to begin the challenge, calculate how much you typically spend at the restaurant and on takeout in a one-month period. If that amount is $250, you will deposit that amount in your savings at the end of the challenge. Not only does this exercise help put money back into your savings, it also trains you to dine out less. Try this 30-day challenge off and on throughout the year to enable you to save even more!

Holiday Helper Fund. This savings challenge is a way to help you prepare for holiday expenses. Set aside $25 from each week’s budget and put it into your savings. If you start the challenge on March 1, you will have $975 by December 1 – just in time for the holidays!

26-Week Bi-Weekly Savings Plan. Instead of a weekly challenge, this one requires you to save money every-other week. This is an easier savings method if you prefer to deposit money into your savings on the same schedule as your paycheck. Here is how it works:

  • First week: put $4 into savings
  • Third week: put $8 into savings
  • Fifth week: put $12 into savings
  • Seventh week: put $16 into savings

You simply increase the amount by $4 every two weeks, and watch your savings grow. By the end of this challenge, you could save $1,404!

After you’ve tried one of the savings challenges, you will likely have some extra money laying around. Do yourself a favor and stash it away in your savings account! Click here to discover all the savings options available to you at SeaComm. Questions? Speak with a Member Service Representative today at (800) 764-0566.

TIP: Do you need help managing your money? Try SeaComm’s Online Financial Management service. This complimentary feature helps you to budget and track your expenses, and can be accessed through SeaComm’s online banking platform, NetTeller™Click here for simple instructions!


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