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Don’t Leave These Four Things in Your Car

It’s safe to keep many items in your car, but some things are likely to cause problems if left in your vehicle. Here are four examples of items and belongings you should never leave behind after parking your car.

Sunscreen. It’s important to use sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. While it’s wise to take sunscreen with you on your travels, don’t leave it in a hot car. The effectiveness of sunscreen products can be reduced by exposure to extreme heat.

Perishable food. During the warmer months of the year, it’s important to think about how you will transport groceries home from the store. In warmer weather, groceries should not be placed in the trunk of the car, since bacteria can multiply quickly at hot temperatures. It is safer to put your perishable goods in the air-conditioned passenger seat.

Cellphones. There are plenty of good reasons not to leave your cellphone behind when you leave the car. If the phone is visible, thieves may attempt to break into your vehicle. In addition, the extremely cold temperatures cars are exposed to during the winter months can damage your phone, leading to a shortened battery life or shattered screen.

Important documents. If you have personal documents in your car that you plan to mail, make that task a priority on your to-do list. Also, make sure to never leave your passport in the car, as identity theft is even easier with a passport than with a driver’s license. It’s best to have your passport locked away in your home safe. If you are traveling outside the country and need to have it with you, try keeping it in a zipped compartment of your bag.

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