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5 Products That Are Hard to Find in 2022

Supply chain issues, bad weather, and a global pandemic have made it difficult to find certain products. Continue reading to learn about five items you may have a hard time getting your hands on this year.

Baby formula. Throughout the pandemic, baby formula has been intermittently unavailable and this largely depends on where you are located. The main cause is supply chain issues at both the production and shipping levels.

Potatoes. One of the most versatile foods is yet another item in short supply. The Washington Post reported that in addition to potatoes, cream cheese distribution has also been disrupted by supply chain issues and bad weather.

Toilet paper. This product was one of the first major shortages experienced in 2020 when the pandemic first started. People panicked at the idea of not knowing what could happen, and ended up purchasing more bathroom tissue than needed. Not only did this increase in demand contribute to the supply chain issues, but the products needed to produce toilet paper are now experiencing a shortage.

Meat. As omicron variant infections rise among workers in the meat industry, production is falling. Reuters reported the sustained period of lower production could further increase high meat prices during this time of inflation.

Clothing. According to The Wall Street Journal, retailers have reported record-low stock levels in 2021, and the ongoing supply chain issues continue to affect the apparel industry. As factories have reopened, there is still a shortage of available shipping containers, dock workers and truckers.

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