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Four Ways to Save on Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl gatherings don’t have to defeat your budget. Use these tips to keep costs down while throwing a party fit for champions!

Don’t fumble the décor: You want to set the mood for your party, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money on decor. Keep it simple with free printable team logos from sites like Pinterest, and choose party goods in your team colors instead of springing for branded items. Use any football gear you have at home, like jerseys, helmets and actual balls, to give your home a festive feel. If you are still stuck for ideas or items, visit your local dollar store to score some fun football-themed party goods!

Tackle the food together: Just because you are the one offering your home for the party doesn’t mean you need to handle all the food provisions yourself. You can go potluck and have everyone bring one dish, order takeout and split the bill with all the guests, or set up a spreadsheet with all the menu items and have each guest choose one to bring.

Skip the Super Bowl platters: Fast-food chains and grocery stores will aggressively advertise their “game day platters” ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, but these are rarely worth the cost.  Instead, make your own for a fraction of the price and just a few minutes of work.  You can prepare some extra-long hero sandwiches, cut them up and arrange them on a large plate for an easy sub platter.  For your health-conscious guests, slice up everyone’s favorite veggies and add a dip or two for a fresh veggie platter at half the cost you would pay at the grocery store.

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