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4 Ways to Save Money on a Vacation

Are you planning to take a trip in 2022? Here are four ways you can save money on vacation expenses!

Set a firm budget. It’s important to know how much you will spend, and what you will spend it on. Maintain a list of planned expenses such as transportation and lodging, and also consider miscellaneous costs like entertainment and shopping. Keep a close eye on your finances before and during your vacation with SeaComm’s digital platforms, NetTeller™ and Mobile Branch!

Open a special savings account. At SeaComm, you have a variety of savings options to help you reach your financial goals. You might consider a club account, which is a short-term savings method that allows you to lock the funds away while still earning interest on your money. If you choose this savings method, you may even give your account a custom title, such as “Summer Vacation 2022.” Attaching your financial plans to your club account helps make it real and will motivate you to stick to your goal!

Cancel your nonessential subscriptions. The new year is a good time to audit your subscription costs, such as streaming and food delivery services. Determine which subscriptions you would like to keep, and which ones you can get rid of going into 2022. You can use the money you will have saved for your hotel booking, flight or rental car expenses!

Find the best deals. Once you upgrade your basic checking account to a Benefits Plus® checking with SeaComm, you will gain access to exclusive deals on flights, hotels, cruises, car rentals, and condos! In addition to saving money on travel purchases, a Benefits Plus® checking account can also help you save on entertainment, groceries, prescriptions and more. Visit your local SeaComm branch to enroll.

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