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How to Be a Great Houseguest

The holiday season is here, and there is chance you will be hosted by a family member or friend. Follow these four tips to ensure you are the ideal houseguest!

Offer to help out. If you are staying more than two nights, it is customary to pitch in. Doing the dishes or helping to prepare dinner are both great ways to show your appreciation for the host’s efforts. You could also offer to set the table, walk the dog, or pay for dinner at the restaurant.

Keep your guest room tidy. More often than not, your host will not have a maid service to clean up after you. During your stay, it is important to keep your clothes and belongings neatly arranged, instead of scattered throughout the room. Show that you care by making your bed and putting things back the way you originally found them.

Bring a gift. If you are staying with a family member or a friend, it is always nice to bring a little gift. This may include flowers, desserts, or even a gift card. Make sure to take advantage of your Benefits Plus® membership, which entitles you to discounted gift and eGift cards accepted at full face value. Choose between a great selection of participating stores, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GameStop, Bath & Body Works, and more. Visit your nearest SeaComm branch location to upgrade your basic checking account to a Benefits Plus® checking, today!

For complete information, terms, conditions and exclusions please visit or call 866-329-7587.

Send a written thank-you note. Following your stay, be sure to send a card or note to the host as a formal “thank you” for the accommodation. Make the note an actual written acknowledgement, not a text or email. This small gesture goes a long way!


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