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7 Creative Ways to Save on Heating Costs

Are you dreading the winter heating bills? Here are seven tips to help you stay warm…without going over budget!

Dust your vents: When was the last time you removed the covers of your heating vents or radiators to tackle the layers of dust that have built up inside? Dust acts as a natural insulator and can block some of the hot air from heating your home. Removing the dust is an easy, effective way to lower your heating bill.

Lower your thermostat: You don’t have to set your thermostat to freezing. However, the Department of Energy recommends keeping it at 68 degrees in the winter for maximum energy savings. Don’t overdo it, though. Lowering your heat by more than 10 degrees forces it to use more energy than you will save to get it back up again. If you can’t sleep unless you’re snug and warm, you might want to invest in a heated blanket or mattress pad to keep you warm on the coldest nights.

Turn on your ceiling fans: Most ceiling fans are equipped with a “summer” and “winter” setting. During the summer, blades should be moving in a counterclockwise direction to draw the cold air upward from the floor so it can cool the room. In the winter, you will want those blades to move in a clockwise direction so the hot air, which naturally rises towards the ceiling, shifts downward and can warm up the room.

Use zone heating: If you live in a large home with more rooms than you regularly use, keep the lesser-used areas just warm enough to prevent pipes from freezing. You can close some of the vents in these rooms and shut the door to maintain the heat.

Rearrange your furniture: Take a quick tour of your home to check if you have any furniture situated near your heating vents. You don’t want to be paying all that money just for hot air to be flowing under your sofa.

Let the sunshine in: The low-in-the-sky winter sun can give you hours of free solar heat each day — if you let it in. Be sure to open the curtains in the early morning hours and to close them at night to keep that warm air inside.

Humidify your air: Use humidity to your advantage by investing in a humidifier for the winter. Moisture helps to hold onto heat and will keep the air warmer for longer.

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