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4 Tips for a Kitchen Remodel

Giving your kitchen a makeover can make your home feel brand-new. Wondering how to make that happen? Here are four ways to give your kitchen a facelift on a budget.

1. Know your budget

Before picking out your new countertops and appliances, sit down and crunch some numbers. You might have to save up for a while, dip into existing savings or take out a loan to cover the costs of your renovations. A complete kitchen remodel can run you as much as $20,000, but there is a lot you can do on a much smaller budget.

2. Choose your cabinets

Cabinets can monopolize the visual wall space in a kitchen, making them a first choice for an upgrade. Here is what you need to know about your cabinet options:

  • Cabinets with wood or plywood panels and solid wood frames are sturdy, budget-friendly, and fashionable.
  • Porcelain-tile cabinets are a fantastic new option that look almost exactly like wood for half the price.
  • Laminate is your cheapest option for cabinets. It is durable, easy to clean and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Refinish the outside of your cabinets instead of replacing them for a new look that does not go over budget.
  • Install wall-mounted shelves to add storage space to your kitchen without splurging on new cabinets.

3. Make a splash

Don’t forget your sink when upgrading your kitchen. Replacing the faucets, bowl or hardware can modernize your kitchen without costing much. When changing your faucets, make sure you know all of your options. Brushed nickel is the most popular choice for faucets, largely due to its durability. If you hate scrubbing fingerprints and water spots, you will be happy to hear that nickel conveniently hides dirt and grime. For a long-lasting material that does not cost much, go with brass instead.

4. Choose your countertops

Your counters need to be durable and easy to clean. The trending countertop choices are granite, quartz and stone. These materials are beautiful, easy to maintain and can last for years.

If these options are not in your budget, consider engineered stone instead. It will give you a similar look for a cheaper price. For something more budget-friendly, you might want to go with ceramic tile. It’s durable, comes in almost any color and is a fraction of the price of stone.

Longing for an upgrade and short on savings? You can still have your dream kitchen. Click here, call us at (800) 764-0566, or stop by your local SeaComm branch to learn about our personal loans, Home Equity Loans and Home Equity Lines of Credit. We will help turn your dream into reality!

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You have the ability to accept offers immediately by following the prompts, or by calling into our call center at (800) 764-0566. Click here to login to your NetTeller™ to view your current offers! If you don’t have any offers at this time, be sure to check back every 60 days.


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