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Tips for Buying Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficient appliances save you money on a monthly basis because they use far less electricity. They also help the environment by cutting down on greenhouse gases emitted into the air. Continue reading for some energy-saving tips when buying your new appliances!

Look for the energy rating:  An energy rating is a measurement of how well a device can consume energy. The federal government uses the yellow and black Energy Star Standard sticker to inform consumers about operating costs and annual energy consumption. This helps buyers compare one appliance to another.

Select the right size appliance: Running a large machine — even the most energy-efficient one — uses more electricity than a compact one, so do not buy something bigger than what you need.

Look for economy choices: Many dishwashers and washing machines offer a variety of different cycles. If you find one with an economy cycle, that will save you money when you need to wash only a small load of clothes or dishes.

Stay Simple: When it comes to choosing a refrigerator, do not focus on the add-ons. According to’s Ecocentric blog, the average icemaker in a refrigerator increases energy consumption up to 20 percent when it is on.  Also, top-to-bottom fridge/freezer models are more energy-efficient than side by sides. The auto-defrost feature uses heat to speed up defrosting and makes running the refrigerator less efficient. This is also true for self-cleaning ovens, so make sure to consider the value in this upgrade.

Contact your utility supplier: Talk with your preferred utility supplier about the latest ways to save on utility charges. With today’s smart devices, appliances can be programmed to use less energy at certain times of the day.

Check out your home. If you have the time and the extra funds, it may be worthwhile to call in a home assessor to help identify ways you can save on your overall energy and water costs.  He or she may be able to tell you how to use your appliances at the most energy-efficient times of day.

Comparison shop. Never buy the first model you see. Household appliances are not cheap, and you will need to shop around to find the most energy efficient one at the best price. Well-known name brands are always more expensive than lesser-known companies. However, they don’t always offer a better product. If you check carefully, you may find that heating element in the name-brand laundry dryer is the same as the one in a model selling for hundreds of dollars less.

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