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Five Ways to Save on Travel Expenses

Are you ready to hit the road for a summer vacation? Here are five tips to help protect your budget, while still letting you plan the ideal trip!

Spend less on food costs. Food can quickly turn into the biggest expense of your trip unless you plan ahead. Once you are on the road, you won’t have as many choices for food shopping, which may stimulate overspending.  You likely want to eat some meals out during your trip, but overdoing the dining out will quickly deplete your budget. Instead, mix it up, alternating between home-cooked meals, dining out on fine cuisine and tasting local street foods. 

Only eat out at places you don’t have at home. For further savings, save the dining out for delicacies that are unique to your current location. Think fresh seafood in New England or authentic Chinese food in New York City.

Find free attractions. Most tourist hotspots will have a wide selection of free activities and sights to see at no cost, like the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. and city street art in Pittsburgh, PA. Check out local websites or ask around on the street to find the best-kept secrets at each location. 

Map out your route for greater savings. Instead of spending more money on gas, create a detailed schedule of all your stops before setting out, choosing the most efficient and inexpensive route. Look up local attractions in the areas you plan visit so that you may book reservations in advance when possible. In many places, you can save money just by pre-booking. Also, keep in mind that many attractions still require reservations as a COVID-19 precaution, so be sure to plan accordingly. 

Check in on a Friday or Sunday. When booking your trip, you should plan to check in on a Friday or Sunday. According to a recent study, hotel reservations are at their lowest rates on these two days.

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