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SeaComm Pays It Forward

Since 2017, the Pay-It-Forward Program has enabled SeaComm staff to have a direct, positive impact on the communities they serve. Continue reading to learn about our most recent random acts of kindness!

Donating to Lucy’s House for the Prevention of Homeless Animals: In March, we delivered a variety of supplies to Lucy’s House in Essex. The donated supplies included pet food, toys, treats, cat litter, and other items. Lucy’s House works to provide more than 18,000 lbs. of pet food and supplies each month to food shelves and local residents in need. Pictured from left are SeaComm AVP of Retail Operations & Regional Manager Yvonne Alterie, Lucy’s House Executive Director Jan Ellis-Clements, and SeaComm Essex Branch Manager Joseph Feltz.

Paying it forward to nursing home residents: In April, we were happy to purchase flowers, puzzles, and crossword books for the 130 residents at United Helpers River Ledge Nursing Home in Ogdensburg! Each female resident received a flower arrangement with a crossword book, and each male resident received a puzzle with a crossword book. Pictured (l to r) from United Helpers are Activities Director Larry Worden, Activities Aide Angie Dixon, Assistant Director of Nursing Alysha Troiano, River Ledge Resident Jean Fiacco, Vice President of Operations Brittany Thornton, SeaComm Ogdensburg Branch Manager Danielle Uppstrom, and SeaComm Marketing-Communications Specialist Tyler LeBoeuf. 

Surprising Essex residents with prepaid gas gift cards: Also in April, SeaComm provided 100 Essex residents with $25 prepaid gas gift cards. Visitors to our newest branch location in Essex received a Sunoco gift card to help fill up their tank. SeaComm staff also distributed the gift cards throughout the community and to neighboring businesses as a way to spread the kindness. Pictured from left are Sal Chiarelli and SeaComm Senior Teller Matthew LaBerge.

Paying for car washes at Classy Chassy: In May, we held our first Pay-It-Forward event in Watertown! Beginning at 11am, the first 50 customers to arrive at Classy Chassy Carwash on Friday, May 21, received a “Bubble Bath” car wash paid for by SeaComm. Each individual also received a free cooler, phone fan, and other giveaway items. Pictured from left are SeaComm Business Development Manager Jerry Manor, Derrick Webb, and SeaComm Marketing Communications Specialist Tyler LeBoeuf.

Surprising local businesses with pizza: Also in May, we showed our appreciation for local businesses with deliveries of pizza. SeaComm purchased 50 large pizzas from Mimmo’s, and our staff delivered them to more than 20 local businesses throughout the town of Essex. This random act of kindness is an effort to support the local business sector that plays a vital role in the community. Pictured from left are SeaComm Financial Service Representative Christopher Bird and SeaComm Business Development Representative Jordon LeBlanc.


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