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Car Buying Tips for Your Wallet

Summer is right around the corner, and so is car-buying season! The process of shopping for a new vehicle goes more smoothly when you know what to expect. Here are four tips to help you get the car that fits you best.

Decide between new or used. Buying a new vehicle has its advantages, while buying used can save a significant amount of money. Ask yourself a few questions before making this decision: Do you have a long commute to work, or are you within just a few miles? Do you plan to get another vehicle in a few years, or will you wait out the entire term of your loan? Consider your lifestyle and finances, and then weigh the pros and cons.

Narrow down your choices. SeaComm’s online auto buying center, Garage Gizmo, allows you to browse through a variety of new and used vehicles in your area. You can narrow down your search by year, make, model, fuel type, drive type and more. Garage Gizmo also gives you access to FREE Carfax reports and Kelley Blue Book vehicle evaluations! Click here to get started.

Work out your monthly budget. Before you make the purchase, you will need to determine if you can afford it. Consider your monthly expenses for bills and other existing loans, and be mindful about whether or not you can fit in another payment. Take advantage of SeaComm’s Online Financial Management service, which allows you to track your budget and spending from your computer or mobile device. Click here to learn more.

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Find out if you are pre-approved. If you decide that now is the right time to upgrade your set of wheels, you might already have a head start on a loan! As a SeaComm member, you may be pre-approved for a new or used auto loan through our loan pre-approval program, LoanEngine™. You can view and accept loan offers specifically designed with you in mind. If you qualify for a pre-approved offer, you will be presented with it through our SeaComm Mobile app or NetTeller in the “My Offers” tab, via email, and/or a letter through the mail.

Click here to login to your NetTeller™ to view your current offers! If you don’t have any offers at this time, be sure to check back every 60 days.


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