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5 Free Stress-Relieving Tips

Financial issues, family needs, health concerns and even boredom can keep you up at night. Not only does stress affect your mental health, but it also can wreak havoc on your physical health. Here are some stress-relief activities to help you out.

Practice deep breathing. Your breath is a powerful tool to ease stress and make you feel less anxious. Simple breathing exercises can make a big difference if you make them part of your regular routine. Here are eight techniques to try!

Free your mind. Soothe your soul with one of the many meditation and guided imagery videos on YouTube. You may even find that listening to classical music or your favorite podcast while doing household chores can help to ease your stress.

Get active. Any form of physical activity can act as a stress reliever. Even if you’re not an athlete, gentle exercise gets your blood moving and is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety. Start with low-impact activities like walking, chair yoga, gardening, and housecleaning. You can move your way up to jogging, biking, or even weightlifting.

Connect with others. When you are feeling stressed, your first instinct may be to isolate yourself. Instead, reach out to family and friends. Social contact is a good stress reliever because it offers meaningful distraction, and can provide support when you need it most.

Contact GreenPath. If you are experiencing financial-related stress, SeaComm’s partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness can help! GreenPath provides SeaComm members with access to free one-on-one financial counseling, student loan counseling, debt management services and more. To learn more about how SeaComm’s partnership with GreenPath can help you, click here or call (800) 550-1961.

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