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Six Things to Do Before a Trip

If you want to achieve a smooth, carefree trip, taking care of essential tasks is key. Here are six smart things you should do before your upcoming travel plans.

Pay all your bills. Before heading out on your trip, make sure all of your monthly bills are paid. You don’t want to be busy paying bills when you’re sunning yourself on the beach or take a chance of getting hit with late fees. You can help streamline your payments by putting your bills on auto pay! This is a guaranteed way to ensure that you never miss your due dates. When the direct deposit hits your account, the payments will automatically transfer to your loans. Click here to learn more about SeaComm’s Free Bill Payment Service!

Unplug your electronics. Don’t pay energy costs for electronics you’re not using while you’re away. Make sure to pull the plug on all small appliances and electronics before you leave.

Adjust your thermostats. If you have the AC blasting, you will want to adjust your thermostat before leaving. Turning it off completely is not a good idea, because you will want some air to circulate for keeping the humidity under control. Instead, turn it a few degrees higher than you usually keep it.

Find deals through Benefits Plus®. Once you upgrade your SeaComm checking account to a Benefits Plus® checking, you will gain access to exclusive deals on flights, hotels, car rentals, condos and more. In addition to saving money on travel purchases, a Benefits Plus® checking account can also help you save on groceries, gift cards, prescriptions, and more. Stop by your local SeaComm branch to enroll!

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Confirm your reservations. It’s a good idea to confirm your flight, hotel room, car rental and attractions before setting out on your trip. You may have booked some of these reservations months ago, and you don’t want any unpleasant surprises ruining your vacation.

Let us know. Give us a call at (800) 764-0566 before you set off on your vacation. Let us know your travel destination so we know to honor any card transactions you make while in another state!

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