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4 Signs You Need to Revise Your Finances

Could your financial outlook use an adjustment? Here are four signs you need to revise your finances, and proactive steps you can take to get back on track.

You’re paying the minimum on your credit card. You should always aim to pay more than the minimum requirement each month, as this is the quickest and most efficient way to pay off your outstanding debt. Paying the minimum not only keeps you in debt longer, but it costs money in interest and could hurt your credit score.

Your bills are paid late. No one likes paying bills, but it’s a necessary part of life. Your bills should be fixed into your budget, and you should be able to pay them easily without any stress involved. You can help streamline your payments by putting your bills on auto pay! This is a guaranteed way to ensure that you never miss your due dates. When the direct deposit hits your account, the payments will automatically transfer to your loans. Click here to learn more about SeaComm’s Free Bill Payment Service!

You don’t put any money into savings. Living without a financial cushion is a risk you don’t want to take. Experts say the total amount in your savings account should be at least three to six months’ worth of expenses. Start building for a better financial future, and choose from a variety of savings options at SeaComm. Click here to learn more.

You are constantly stressing about money. Instead of spending time stressing over your financial woes, be proactive. SeaComm’s partnership with GreenPath Financial Wellness can help you reach a brighter financial future. GreenPath provides SeaComm members with access to free one-on-one financial counseling, student loan counseling, debt management services and more. To learn more about how SeaComm’s partnership with GreenPath can help you, click here or call (800) 550-1961.

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