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SeaComm Continues to Pay-It-Forward

SeaComm’s Pay-It-Forward program continues to have a positive impact on Northern New York and Vermont. Continue reading to learn about the most recent random acts of kindness in our communities!

Paying for lift tickets at Titus Mountain: In January, SeaComm covered the cost of lift tickets at Titus Mountain Family Ski Center, in Malone. The first 50 individuals to arrive at the mountain for skiing and snowboarding on Saturday, January 23, were surprised with a free lift ticket! Pictured from left are SeaComm VP of Retail Operations Rick Maloney, Tammy Brunette, and her son Jake Kaska. 

Covering the cost of pet adoptions at the Potsdam Humane Society: Also in January, SeaComm paid it forward to homeless pets. During the week of January 25, all adoptions that took place at the humane society were paid for by the credit union. This gesture helped to find homes for 18 cats and dogs. Pictured is Petey the cat, who has found his forever home, thanks to SeaComm!  

Surprising police and fire stations with coffee and donuts: In February, SeaComm showed its appreciation to local police and fire stations with deliveries of coffee, donuts, and muffins. SeaComm staff delivered the treats to 16 police and fire stations throughout Northern New York and Vermont. This random act of kindness was an effort to support the first responders who ensure the safety and wellbeing of the public. Pictured from left are Canton Police Officer Ashley Coffey and SeaComm Branch Manager Barb Bessette.

Paying for public skating at the Massena Arena: During the week of February 15, local residents enjoyed time at the ice rink courtesy of the SeaComm Pay-It-Forward Program. This gesture was announced in advance to allow skaters plenty of time to plan their day of fun! Pictured from left are Frank Laughing Jr. with skaters Beau Jackson and Jaxx Laughing.

Surprising local businesses with pizza: In March, SeaComm showed its appreciation for local businesses with deliveries of pizza. SeaComm purchased 50 pizzas and delivered them to more than 20 local businesses throughout the city of Plattsburgh. This random act of kindness is an effort to support the local business sector that plays a vital role in the community. Pictured from left are Robert Keener from Della Auto Group and SeaComm Financial Service Representative Raechell Conn.

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