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Five Ways to Go Green

Spring is the perfect time to develop sustainable, eco-friendly habits. Here are five ways you can go green, while saving money!

Minimize energy usage: There are a variety of ways you can conserve energy, like lowering the thermostat when you go to bed, making sure to shut off all the lights before you leave the house, or unplugging appliances when not in use. These practices aren’t just good for the environment…they will also help you save money each month!

Use less water: This can be done by opting for showers instead of baths, taking shorter showers, not leaving the faucet running, and also fixing leaky pipes! Not only are you working to preserve water, but you’re also decreasing your water bill.

Make your own natural cleaning products: Instead of spending money on toxic, household cleaners…make your own with these simple recipes! DIY cleaning products are good for your wallet and the environment. 

Start your own garden: Growing your own food is a great way to save money while practicing sustainability. Taking up this hobby can help slash your grocery bill, and decrease the amount of money you spend going out to eat. Click here to read our blog article for budget-friendly gardening tips!

Switch to e-statements. Instead of waiting for the post office to deliver your monthly statements, have them delivered to you online. It’s safer, faster, more convenient, and reduces the use of paper – so it’s environmentally friendly! First sign-in to your NetTeller™, select e-statements on the top banner and then follow the online instructions. Once you have completed enrollment, you will receive a confirmation notice. Click here to learn more or give us a call at (800) 764-0566!

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