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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day on a Budget

According to the National Retail Federation, the average American spends $221.34 on Valentine’s Day each year. That’s a lot of money to spend on a one-day celebration! Lucky for you, there are ways to enjoy a romantic evening without going into debt. Here’s how:

Work with a budget. Instead of spending mindlessly and regretting it afterward, designate a budget for all your Valentine’s Day expenses, and be sure to stick to it. In addition to helping you keep costs under control, working out a budget in advance will allow you to choose how to spend your money. You may decide to spend more on a gift and less on dinner, or maybe you would rather skip both of these and splurge on a fun activity instead. Best of all, a preplanned budget means there will be no regrets spoiling the memory of your special day.

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Save on flowers. Before you purchase flowers at a big box store, check with your local florist for the best deals. Don’t buy flowers online, as they’re unlikely to last well through the shipping and delivery process. Remember to use the small packet of flower food that comes along with your blossoms, which will help them last longer and stay vibrant!

Bring down your dinner costs. Don’t break your budget on a romantic dinner for two. First, consider dining in. Preparing a meal together is the perfect way to save money while making memories! Check out this list of inexpensive recipes you can prepare on this romantic holiday. If you would prefer to enjoy your meal at a restaurant, look for one that offers a great Valentine’s dinner special.

Celebrate late. If you dare, postpone your Valentine’s Day celebrations by a day or two for steep savings on all related expenses. You’ll find Valentine’s Day candy and greeting cards on clearance, gifts already marked down, and you won’t have to pay inflated restaurant prices for the same meal.

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For complete information, terms, conditions and exclusions please visit or call 866-329-7587.

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