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Christmas Dinner on a Budget

There are many ways to save on a holiday meal without your guests ever knowing. Here are four tips to help you plan for a frugal Christmas dinner!         

Prepare your own appetizers. Ready-made appetizers may save time, but they will add an alarming amount to your shopping bill. Making your own can save a considerable sum. Get some inspiration from this list of 25 easy-to-make appetizers for less than $5!

Choose your bird wisely. It’s hard to imagine Christmas dinner in your house without a turkey. This will probably be the most expensive item on your table, so you should only buy the size of turkey for the number of people who are going to eat it. A good rule of thumb is to plan on about 1.5 pounds of turkey per person attending. That means if you are expecting 10 guests, plan for a 15-pound bird.

Make your own gravy. If you have been tempted to buy fresh turkey gravy in the past, then try saving money by making your own. The giblets and the roasting juices provide all the flavor you will need, along with a spoonful of flour and an optional chicken stock cube.

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