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Tips to Save Money this Winter

Winter is an expensive time of year, with higher energy costs and holiday shopping. We’ve gathered five tips to help you save money this season…continue reading to get started!

Lower the heat during the day. Lowering the heat during the day, when your house is empty, will help keep heating costs down in the colder months of the year. Another option is scheduling your thermostat to be at certain temperatures throughout the day. For example, if your thermostat allows, schedule the heat to drop at night when everyone has gone to bed. You should also consider closing doors and vents to unused rooms in your home that would be a waste to heat.

Invest in LED lighting. It is typical to spend more money on electricity in the winter than we do in the summer. A number of factors contribute to this increase, such as the use of space heaters and holiday lights. Instead of cutting back on your bright holiday décor, it is smart to switch to both LED bulbs inside and outside your home. LED lights are a long-term investment that will eventually pay for themselves!  

Seal your windows properly. Cold air filters in through every crack in your home, and one of the biggest reasons could be your windows. One easy way to prevent the heat from escaping is to insulate your windows with film. Clear window film is affordable and effective. The best part of using clear film as a window insulator is that you can continue to enjoy all of winter’s beauty through the window without any of the chill!

Use Benefits Plus® for your last minute holiday shopping. Let your Benefits Plus® checking account with SeaComm work for you this holiday season! Your membership entitles you to discounted gift and eGift cards at stores like TJ Maxx, Amazon, GameStop, Christmas Tree Shops, Target, Walmart, Lowes, and more. You will also receive grocery coupons, wholesale club savings, and 90-day Purchase Protection! To enroll in a Benefits Plus® checking account, stop by your nearest SeaComm branch location. Click here to discover all that Benefits Plus® has to offer…

For complete information, terms, conditions and exclusions please visit or call 866-329-7587.

Focus on your savings. With all the money you will be saving this winter, it’s important to have the best savings options for your financial lifestyle. SeaComm members have access to Regular Savings, Share Certificates, Health Savings Accounts (HSA), Club Accounts, Moola Moola Youth Accounts, Money Market Accounts, and more. When choosing the best savings option for you, identify what you are saving for, and decide on a short or long-term investment. Questions? Call us at (800) 764-0566 – we are happy to help!

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