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Frugal Tips for Pet Owners

Being a pet owner can be financially overwhelming. Here are four frugal tips to help you save money while caring for your furry friend!

Learn to groom your own pet: Taking your pet to the groomer is an expense that can drain your wallet. If you are on a tight budget, consider doing some of the basic care yourself. This might include regularly brushing their teeth or clipping their nails. Here are some tips from PetMD® for grooming a dog at home!

Don’t go overboard on pet toys: The average pet owner spends more than $107 each year on dog toys and treats for their canines, and $66 each year for toys and treats per cat. While toys are essential for your pet’s overall happiness, they won’t notice if you buy all your pet toys on clearance! When you are shopping for these items, be on the lookout for the best deals.

Control your veterinary expenses: This is an important part of responsible pet care – but it can be expensive. The best way to promote your pet’s health (while saving money) is to invest in regular wellness checks. This will allow you to catch an issue early, before it develops into a more dangerous and expensive problem.

Did you know that your Benefits Plus® membership with SeaComm gives you access to Nationwide Pet Health Insurance at a discounted rate? The coverage is available for accidents, illnesses, and preventive care…and can be used at any veterinary office! Visit your local SeaComm branch location to upgrade your basic checking account to a Benefits Plus® checking, today.

Feed your pet right: This is a recurring expense, and one of the easiest things to budget for! Pet stores have various sales and discounts throughout the year, so you should always check for those whenever you go shopping for food and treats. Your Benefits Plus® membership also provides you with discounted gift and eGift cards, accepted at full face value. Participating stores include Petco, PetSmart, Walmart, Amazon, Target, and more!

For complete information, terms, conditions and exclusions please visit or call 866-329-7587.

A great way to help you save money for pet expenses is to open a miscellaneous savings account with SeaComm – which enables you to save up for just about anything, while earning interest on your money! Even if you can contribute just $10 per week, it can help pay a hefty vet bill or cover the cost of food when you are short on cash. Click here to learn more.

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