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Savings Options to Consider for 2021

The new year is a fantastic time to review your financial strength and make big plans for the next year. Here are six savings options to help you reach your 2021 financial goals!

Regular Savings Account: This is your doorway to a SeaComm membership, and part of a good savings plan. As a Regular Savings accountholder, you will have 24/7 online account access through NetTeller™, access to your account with our ATM or debit card, and competitive dividend rates paid to you monthly! Click here to learn more.

Share Certificate: A Share Certificate is a great tool for earning interest on your money. With flexible terms and an enhanced loyalty rewards program, this might be the best option for your 2021 savings goals! Click here to read our blog article to learn more about this type of investment with SeaComm.

Health Savings Account (HSA): A Health Savings Account with SeaComm enables an individual covered by a high-deductible health plan (HDHP) to make tax-deductible contributions, accumulate earnings on a tax-deferred basis, and withdraw money tax free to pay for out of pocket medical expenses. Click here to learn more!

Christmas Club Account: The goal of a club account is to keep your money locked away until you need it. You can start your club account with only $5 as an opening deposit, and even earn dividends just like regular savings. The funds you have saved in your club account are not restricted to gifts – you can also use them to cover the cost of your family’s holiday meal, charitable donations, or even a wintertime getaway! Click here to learn more.

Moola Moola Youth Account: Our Moola Moola accounts are for children through the age of 12, and a great way to learn about money management! Accountholders will receive quarterly statements, access to NetTeller™, and interest paid out on a monthly basis – just like a regular savings account. Click here to learn more.

Money Market Account: A Money Market with SeaComm allows you to earn a higher yield on your funds, while still having the flexible availability when the funds are needed. You will receive dividends paid out on a tiered basis, with a minimum deposit requirement of just $100. Click here to learn more about this savings option.

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