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Five Ways to Use Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and what does that mean? Leftovers! Instead of throwing away food, check out these five easy recipes the whole family will enjoy…

Leftover Thanksgiving Salad: This simple recipe is based on your Thanksgiving leftovers, and pairs well with toasted bread or leftover dinner rolls! Click here for the recipe and directions.

Spicy Turkey Quesadillas: A little bit of spice livens up the turkey and cranberries, and the cream cheese binds it all together. Click here for the recipe from “Taste of Home.”

Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole: Enjoy your turkey and mashed potatoes a second time! This recipe incorporates your Thanksgiving staple dishes, along with cheese and a special sauce. Click here for the recipe.

Glazed Cranberry Sweet Potato Bread: Do you have leftover sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce? Try out this recipe, which incorporates mashed sweet potatoes with one can of cranberry sauce, producing a delicious bread the whole family will enjoy.

Turkey-Cranberry Bagels: You can enjoy this easy-to-make dish the morning after Thanksgiving, and it requires just a few minutes of preparation. Click here for the simple directions!

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