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3 Things to Consider Before Making a Large Purchase

It’s important to ensure that you’re financially ready to make a large purchase, and that it fits your budget. Here are three questions to ask yourself before opening your wallet:

How else can you spend this money? Think about the money you are about to spend on this item. What else can that money buy? Can it pay for a few weeks of groceries? Would it go further on vacation, where it can fund a priceless trip filled with memories that will last your lifetime? It might even be enough to pay for your child’s wardrobe for the season! Take some time to think of other ways you can spend this money before making your final decision.

Is this the best price you can get for this item? When making a large purchase, it is important to comparison-shop before putting down your money. Check several online listings and visit some brick-and-mortar shops to find the lowest selling price. You should also consider buying your item previously owned for steep savings.

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Do you have the funds to pay for this item? This is the number one question to ask when you want to determine if you can really afford a purchase. You might have been trimming your budget just a little bit each month to pay for this item, or maybe you are using a surprise work bonus. Either way, make sure you have liquid funds that can cover the cost of your item.

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