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How to Curb Your Online Shopping Obsession

online shopping

Shopping online can be as easy as click, click, buy. If you aren’t careful, it can become a habit that destroys your finances! We’ve gathered three tips for curbing your online shopping obsession…continue reading to learn more.


Unsubscribe from promotional emails. When you get a promotional email, do not click on it. Instead, go straight to the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. Do not mark these emails as “spam” – that will not stop them. It is important to unsubscribe from every promotional email you receive, especially coupon and flash sale sites, which are some of the most addictive shopping experiences.




Delete shopping apps from your mobile devices. Shopping apps are dangerous for all consumers, especially those who are fond of online shopping. These apps make it too convenient to spend your money. There is little opportunity to contemplate purchases, and the trigger is right at your fingertips, as it often takes just a few clicks to complete a sale.




Retrain your brain. Retail therapy is very real. Studies show that choosing to buy something actually reduces sadness in people. If you find that you have extra money laying around, make the conscious decision to save it, instead of spending it frivolously. Train your brain to find positivity in setting money aside, and only use it when it’s needed. Call (800) 764-0566 to schedule an appointment at your nearest SeaComm branch, and choose between a variety of savings options to fit your financial lifestyle!

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