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Four Free Ways to Boost Your Immunity


When it comes to fighting viruses, everyday precautions such as washing your hands often and using hand sanitizer are key. Experts also say that boosting your immune system may give you an edge in staying healthy. We’ve gathered four free ways you can boost your immunity. Continue reading to learn more!


Get enough shut-eye. Adequate sleep helps keep your immune system strong and proficient at staying healthy. Experts suggest that you aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night to give your body the best chance at fighting off illness.



Reduce stress. Stress hormones can strain the immune system, which makes us more susceptible to viruses. Reduce the amount of stress in your life by practicing mindfulness, keeping in touch with friends and family, and checking the news less often. Click here to read our blog post for more ways to reduce stress in your life.



stay active

Stay active. Working out is an effective way to boost your immune system. It causes your body’s antibodies and white blood cells to circulate more rapidly, which means they may be able to detect bacteria more quickly. Being active also lowers stress hormones, which reduces your chances of getting sick.




Maintain a healthy diet. A large portion of the immune system is in the gut, so when it’s healthy, it’s easier to fight off infections. When it’s not healthy, the immune system is weaker and more prone to infection. Click here for 15 foods that boost the immune system!


be well

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