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How to Beat Seasonal Allergies on a Budget

seasonal allergies

You don’t need to choose between endless sneezing and your budget this allergy season. Continue reading for five ways you can beat your seasonal allergies…on a budget!


Keep your windows closed. The fresh air might be enjoyable, but it is carrying allergens into your home! This is especially true during high pollinating times, which generally fall between 5 and 10 a.m.


wash hands

Wash up after spending time outdoors. If you must be outside during the early morning hours, wash up and change your clothing as soon as you get inside. Pollen has a tendency to stick to clothing, which can trigger your symptoms even when you are inside your house.




Avoid drying your clothes outside. Drying clothes outside can save on energy costs, but it is also a perfect way for allergens to attach themselves to clothing that will end up indoors. Instead, stick with your machine dryer throughout allergy season.




Keep your house clean. Irritants like dust, pet dander and mildew can worsen your symptoms during allergy season. It is important to keep your house extra-clean this spring to avoid unnecessary allergy triggers. Vacuum regularly, wash your curtains, dust often and wash your linens on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.





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