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Free Activities to Do With Your Children at Home

activities at home

Millions of Americans are stuck at home as we wait out the pandemic. Here are five fun and free activities to keep your family busy while you spend quality time together at home…





Scrapbooking: Spend some quality time reliving precious memories by taking out the scrapbooking supplies and old photos to create a timeless memento together.




Teach a household skill: Instead of putting off the endless housework, enlist your child’s help! Even very small children can help sort laundry, load the washing machine and press the buttons to turn it on (with your supervision, of course). Together, you can sweep, mop, vacuum, and even bake – which lets them put their math skills to use by adding fractions in recipes!





Have a scavenger hunt: If your family has become stir-crazy from being cooped up at home, have them let off some steam with a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt! Set up hints around the house or backyard and have them race from clue to clue searching for the treasure you’ve hidden for them. If your children are too young to read, this can work with picture clues as well. The “treasure” can be a special treat you have in the house, or even a new game or toy you’ve been saving.





Host a movie marathon: Most families with children wind up with a collection of family DVDs. Set aside a stack of movies you have wanted to watch, and have a movie marathon. Allow each person in the family to choose their favorite movie, and choose from the pile at random. Keep watching them for as long as you would like!




board games

Play board games: Board games teach valuable skills such as teamwork, decision making and problem solving. Click here for a list of the best family board games of 2020!

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