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Simple Ways to Go Green on a Budget

go green

Going green and saving money at the same time? Some say this is impossible; however, there are ways to reduce your energy consumption on a limited budget. Continue reading to learn more…


Reduce your use of plastic utensils and bags. Plastic waste is one of the biggest contributors to worldwide pollution. Do your part by limiting the plastic items in your home. Reduce your carbon footprint by using metal utensils, reusable water bottles, and Eco-bags!

junk mail

Reduce your junk mail with Benefits Plus®. In addition to a variety of savings and benefits, your Benefits Plus® membership provides you with free junk mail reduction! Once you have upgraded your SeaComm Basic Checking to a Benefits Plus® Checking account, you’ll have the option to opt-out of receiving firm offers and specific catalog mailings. Within 60 days you should begin to see a decrease in the number of offers you receive; however, you will continue to get offers from companies you do business with, unless you tell them specifically to stop sending the offers. Click here to learn more or visit your nearest SeaComm branch to enroll in Benefits Plus®, today!

For complete information, terms, conditions and exclusions please visit or call 866-329-7587.



Conserve water. This can be done by opting for showers instead of baths, not leaving the faucet running, and using a dishwasher instead of handwashing dishes. Not only are you working to preserve water, but you’re also decreasing your water bill.




Sign up for e-Statements. Receiving your account statements by email is safer, faster, more convenient, and saves paper! Are you interested in signing up? First sign-in to your NetTeller, select e-Statements on the top banner and then follow the online instructions. Once you have completed enrollment, you will receive a confirmation notice. To learn more click here, or give us a call at (800) 764-0566!

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