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How to Do a Frugal February Challenge

frugal february

If you’re interested in saving money and getting rid of debt, you may want to try a “Frugal February” challenge. For the entire month, change your bad spending habits and save money whenever possible. We’ve come up with a few ways to help you get started…continue reading to learn more!


Cut back on your indulgences. Do you have a tendency to shop online when you are bored? Frivolous spending is the downfall for a lot of us. In the month of February, put in extra effort to curtail your bad financial habits. Occasionally, you should allow yourself to indulge on a few things…which will keep you from feeling the need to go “all out” in other facets of your spending.



Start couponing. People who aren’t frugal fail to understand how $0.75 and $1.00 coupons can add up. Once you get the hang of it…you’ll be clipping coupons and saving money before you know it! When you visit the grocery or department store, be sure to use your free Grocery Coupon Club access that comes with your Benefits Plus® membership! Once you upgrade your SeaComm Basic Checking account to a Benefits Plus® checking…you’ll gain exclusive access to even more retail discounts and savings, which includes discounted gift and eGift cards. Click here to learn more, or visit your nearest SeaComm branch location to upgrade your checking account, today.

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Eat at the restaurant less. People who frequently eat out spend thousands more per year than those of us who make an effort to dine at home. Of course there will be the special occasions when it’s completely necessary to go out to eat; birthdays, anniversaries, and meetings. But if you eat at home as much as possible, it will be easier to fulfill your Frugal February challenge.



hand soap

Use everything right to the last drop. Whether it’s shampoo, makeup, hand soap, or even a bottle of ketchup – it’s important to maximize the use out of every purchase. Too many people give up and throw purchases away that still had 1-2 weeks left of use.




Don’t compare yourself to others. If you’re always admiring the lifestyle of other people, you will always be trying to reach an impossible standard. Starting now, you should make an effort to be satisfied with your individual life situation, be happy with what you have, and grateful for what you can reasonably afford.

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