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How to Be Prepared for an Unexpected Visit to the Vet


A surprise trip to the vet or animal hospital can drain your wallet, and possibly put you in debt. We’ve come up with a few ways for you to plan for the unexpected, and ensure a healthy life for your furry friend. Continue reading to learn more!





Make it part of your household budget. You save money for your own emergencies, why not for your pet? Even if you can contribute just $10 per week, it can help pay a hefty vet bill. A great way to help you save money for this type of emergency is to open a miscellaneous savings account with SeaComm – which enables you to save up for just about anything, while earning interest on your money!



Get pet insurance. In order to prevent a financial setback from an unexpected vet bill, you should consider pet insurance. With vet and animal hospital bills ranging from just $20 to well over $8,000 – it’s not worth the risk to go without the proper insurance. With a Benefits Plus® checking account, you’ll receive an automatic 5% premium discount when you enroll in Nationwide Pet insurance. You will even save up to 15% when you enroll multiple pets! Click here to learn more, or stop by your nearest SeaComm branch to upgrade your checking account.

For complete information, terms, conditions and exclusions please visit or call 866-329-7587




Help keep your pet healthy. While a visit to the vet is an inevitable part of your pet’s life, there are inexpensive ways you can keep your pet happy and healthy…which will potentially reduce the number of times you’ll need to make a trip to the vet. Some examples of this include; feed your pet quality food, avoid too many vaccinations, pay attention to your pet’s weight, exercise with your pet, and keep your pet’s teeth clean. For more proven ways to improve your pet’s life, click here!

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