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4 Steps to Go Paperless in 2020


To go paperless means to have easy, online access to your files and information…while also helping the environment. Continue reading for four steps to help you achieve a paperless life in the new year ahead!


Choose to have your bills delivered to you via email. Set aside a block of time to contact your cable, internet and phone providers to have your invoices sent to you online. Some companies will even provide you with an incentive for selecting paperless billing!

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Opt out of Junk Mail lists. With a Benefits Plus® membership, you can elect to be removed from credit solicitation lists, catalogue mailings, and insurance offers. In addition to reducing the use of paper, this will also decrease the possibility of the information getting into the wrong hands. Click here to learn more, or stop by your nearest SeaComm branch to upgrade your checking account to a Benefits Plus® checking!

For complete information, terms, conditions and exclusions please visit or call 866-329-7587.


Use a tablet or cell phone for notes. Instead of using paper or post-it notes for your grocery lists and reminders…use the notes section on your smartphone or tablet! Since you always have your phone with you, you won’t lose or forget your notes.


Switch to eStatements! You can choose to have your financial statements delivered to you online, instead of through the mail. Not only does this help to protect against identity theft, but you’ll also have access to your statements sooner. Your SeaComm statements are password protected and encrypted on a secure website. To enroll in eStatements today, visit SeaComm’s NetTeller™, select e-statements on the top banner, and follow the online instructions. Click here to get started!

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