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Inexpensive Ways to Ring in the New Year

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New Year’s Eve is the cherry on top of a busy holiday season. This night is always fun, and usually very pricy. Continue reading for some inexpensive ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve when you’re on a budget!


Host a Potluck Party. When you host a New Year’s Eve party, you can expect to spend a lot of money on food and beverages. Make your party a little cheaper by turning it into a potluck! Ask each guest to bring a dish or drink of their choice…allowing you to shell out less money for everyone.



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Enjoy a movie marathon with the family. Avoid spending money on a New Year’s outfit, and stay in your pj’s! Invite family and friends over for a movie night…and watch New Year’s themed films such as “New Year’s Eve” and “Sunset Boulevard.” Click here for a list of easy-to-make recipes for your movie night festivities!


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Throw a game night. Ask everyone to come over after they’ve had dinner…then, you’ll only need to prepare simple snacks. You can play the classic games like Parcheesi, charades, and Monopoly…or try some of the newest crazes, like Trivial Pursuit or “Watch Ya Mouth!”




Take advantage of local entertainment. Check online and in your local newspaper for free (or inexpensive) events going on. You might even consider using your Benefits Plus® membership to access discounted movie tickets through TicketXpress! Click here to learn more, or stop by your nearest SeaComm branch to enroll in a Benefits Plus® checking account, today.

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