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5 Holiday Package Delivery Safety Tips

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The holiday shopping season is peak time for package theft. Take these steps to safeguard your online purchases!




Ship to an alternate address. If you won’t be home when the package is expected to arrive, consider shipping it to a friend or relative’s home. You could even offer to return the favor when needed!


Request a signature confirmation. You may be able to call the delivery service to request a required signature for a package using the tracking number. This will ensure that the package is not left in plain sight for someone to take!


Ship to the store. Some retailers will allow you to ship to a store near you. While this might not be as convenient as having items delivered to your door, it provides you with extra security and without long lines at the register. Some larger retailers are now offering special parking for online orders!


Sign up for alerts. Some carriers offer text or email alerts, which will keep you updated as to when a delivery will be made. Setting up alerts will also enable you to adjust your own schedule accordingly!


Don’t let your packages sit. When your packages are expected to arrive, be diligent about retrieving them. When you leave your packages on the porch or in your mailbox for a couple of days, there’s a greater risk of theft.



For an additional layer of protection this holiday season, consider enrolling in SeaComm’s new Benefits Plus® checking account – which provides you with Consumer Protection and Identity Theft Prevention services! Click here to learn more about the advantages of Benefits Plus®, or stop by your nearest SeaComm branch to upgrade your checking account, today!

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