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Three Ways to Save Money in 2020


Use the new year as a chance to strive for financial success! Consider these three simple ways you can save money in 2020…


Downsize your home entertainment. Do you have a robust cable package, and a full suite of streaming services? Going into 2020, you should consider downsizing. Instead of paying for the most expensive cable package, choose the more basic option that still includes the channels you can’t go without. If you’re paying for numerous streaming services each month…you should consider getting rid of a few, and keeping only the services you and your family enjoy the most. These small, but effective changes will put some extra money in your pocket!


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Automate your finances. You can simplify your expenses in 2020 by paying bills and setting aside savings through automatic transfers! Eliminate the risk of missing payments (and paying late fees) by having your bills paid the second your paycheck hits your account. This won’t just save you time and money…it will also reduce your stress!

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Become a pro-couponer. Are you tired of spending serious cash on groceries and household staples for the family? You should consider couponing! Make it a point to look through newspapers, grocery store coupon booklets, and even the websites of your preferred stores. After each trip to the store, calculate how much you saved by using the coupons, and make it a point to deposit the difference into your savings account!

Once you upgrade your SeaComm Basic Checking account to a Benefits Plus® checking…you’ll gain exclusive access to a free Grocery Coupon Club – as well as a variety of other savings opportunities! Click here to learn more, or visit your nearest SeaComm branch location to upgrade your checking account, today.

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